Pop a Pill to Detox?

Not so fast. It would be great if treatment for substance abuse could be as easy as swallowing a pill, but complex diseases require professional treatment.

Can a new herbal remedy reduce withdrawal symptoms from opiate addiction? The makers of Antiopes believe so. Brendan Carpenter, the CEO of Canadian company Creekside Botanicals, claims that just six months ago he was addicted to opiate-based prescription painkillers. After spending thousands of dollars on his Percocet and OxyContin habit each month, Carpenter began researching natural herbs and extracts to cope with the withdrawal he knew he would undergo if he tried to quit.

Acting as his own guinea pig, Carpenter also tested Antiopes 15 other test subjects, who all reported a drastic reduction in withdrawal symptoms, according to Creekside Botanicals. With that very limited test run, the project was released to the public.

According to the manufacturer, “Antiopes is made from a blend of 10 different herbs, with effects ranging from serotonin boosters to relaxants, to alkaloids that bind to mu- and kappa-opioid receptors.”

While anything that can help those battling opiate addiction should be seen as a good thing, the experts are skeptical. Nothing can take the place of professional treatment by addiction specialists. The detox process is complex and should be monitored by medical doctors who can regularly check vital signs and be aware of potential problems before they arise.

Pop a Pill to Detox?

Opiate Addiction Treatment

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