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On This Page: Money, Addiction and the Brain Spending Habits Finding Help For many who struggle with substance abuse, money is a powerful trigger. Just having a $20 bill is enough to send many users straight to a drug dealer. For someone with a substance abuse disorder, the use of money is connected to both […]

It’s an emotional time when you realize that you need treatment for a substance abuse problem or co-occurring disorder. There are so many questions that come to mind and so many details that need to be worked out: Inpatient or outpatient? How long will treatment take? How much will it cost? What about transportation? What […]

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Regular therapy in groups and individually is the core of addiction treatment. Groups provide peer feedback and a listening ear from those who are experiencing many of the same emotions and feelings. One-on-one sessions allow for deeper, more focused work using a variety of scientifically proven methods. Despite the varied approaches, the goal is always […]

Finding continued success after treatment doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of careful planning and follow-through. As anyone in recovery knows, treatment doesn’t end when you’re discharged from a residential program. Graduation day is just the beginning. While completing a program is a milestone that is certainly worthy of celebration, it should also be a […]

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In recent years, interventions have earned a bad reputation, due at least in part to a misunderstanding of just what an intervention is (and isn’t). The emotional scenes you see on reality TV bear little resemblance to an average intervention. The real goal of intervening is simply to help a close friend or loved one […]

It’s a fine line between providing treatment instead of punishment and overlooking bad behavior. While it’s proven that those arrested and jailed for addiction-related crimes don’t benefit from being incarcerated, especially since there is rarely treatment provided, most agree that crimes should be punished, even when there are extenuating circumstances. So what should be done […]

Rob Lowe seemed poised to lead a charmed life. Sleepovers with high school buddies like Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, palling around with Tom Cruise. Getting his big break while still a teen. And then there are those chiseled good looks that attracted princesses and celebrities alike. But all that glitters wasn’t gold, as Lowe […]

Those in stressful careers need to be even more vigilant about signs of alcohol or drug dependence. Addiction can happen to anyone in any profession, but some high-stress jobs can put you at higher risk. Law enforcement is one, dangerous jobs like the type of crab fishing featured on the show Deadliest Catch is another. […]

When a loved one’s cancer or heart disease causes problems, we’re compassionate. It’s not the same when that loved one is battling the disease of addiction. Illness doesn’t just affect those who are sick, it affects all those around them as well, creating a hardship on the whole family. But when an individual gets a […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is helpful in treating substance abuse, the pros say, but what is it and how does it work? It’s far from becoming a household word, but Dialectical Behavior Therapy (or DBT as it’s known) is growing in popularity and has proven very helpful in treating drug addiction. This fast-growing method of treatment […]