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Mental health conditions exist along a spectrum. All people feel depressed and anxious at times, for instance, but not everyone is diagnosed with clinical depression or an anxiety disorder. In the same way, all people experience some degree of dissociation, which is a lack of connection between various aspects of the self, sometimes described as […]

By Becca Owens There has been a strong, concerted effort over the years to change public perception regarding mental health disorders. Fighting against stigma and fighting for support — both public moral support as well as financial support and insurance coverage — have been two fronts of this dedicated battle. But where have the efforts […]

In your house, everything has to be perfect, down to the spotless floor and folded laundry. At work, your desk is organized, your calendar is up to date and the entire department knows whom to come to if they need something done yesterday. Your world is ordered and predictable and that makes you feel safe […]

  In this episode of the Recovery Unscripted podcast, we’re excited to bring you a conversation with legendary running back Herschel Walker. After winning the Heisman Trophy at the University of Georgia, Herschel went on to play 12 seasons in the NFL, become a successful entrepreneur, and overcome the challenge of being diagnosed with dissociative […]

Based in Sydney, Australia, Sam Webb serves as the co-founder of Livin, a non-profit organization changing the way society looks at mental illness. Sam joined Recovery Unscripted via Skype to share why Livin was founded, explain how it inspires others to speak up and discuss some cultural differences and similarities between Australia and America when […]

By Stephanie Thomas We’re a country with 40 million adults battling mental illness.1 That’s no small number. And yet, people with mental illness can often be marginalized. Fortunately, there are many initiatives and organizations that seek to change this. For nearly 70 years, Mental Health America has led the charge in reaching people with the […]

You may have heard that there is a serious situation involving immigrant families in the United States. Recent news stories show distressing images of children who have been separated from their parents in efforts to enforce a “zero tolerance” immigration policy. As this situation continues, the debate surrounding immigration, border security and human rights intensifies. […]

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects approximately 2.2 million adults in the US each year, which adds up to 1.0% of the US population. OCD is an anxiety disorder that was once believed to be rare, but recent years have reflected that more people may have OCD than previously estimated.1 OCD involves irrational fears or repeated thoughts […]

When LSD use first became popular decades ago, many medical professionals noticed an alarming trend that connected the drug to patients with schizophrenia. LSD-induced hallucinations resembled the kind of hallucinations experienced by schizophrenic patients. As a result, a theory began that LSD use could lead to schizophrenia. Together with the fact that little scientific evidence supported […]

On This Page: The Beginnings of CTSD The Difference between CTSD and PTSD Effects of CTSD Treatment for CTSD Help for CTSD Trauma has extreme and potentially devastating effects on emotional health, especially when it lasts a long time. People who are exposed to danger repeatedly or for a long time may develop continuous traumatic […]