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By Martha McLaughlin If someone you love has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), you may be grappling to understand the condition and how it affects your loved one. Let’s take a closer look at what BPD is and ways you can provide support. What Is Borderline Personality Disorder? Unlike anxiety or depression, the […]

By Christa A. Banister You’ve seen all the commercials. Yes, every financial planner with every possible financial institute asks the same set of questions. Will you have enough saved for retirement? Have you accounted for every possible health condition because, you know, getting sick is expensive? Should you consider a reverse mortgage? Do you have […]

By Pat Matuszak “Hey, Delores,” I called out from the elevator and waved to our senior executive’s assistant. “You’re back. Feeling better?” Delores was an important part of our team, and her skills were sorely missed in our busy office when she was out for even a day. She gave me a glum look and […]

By Martha McLaughlin There’s a strong relationship between physical and mental health conditions. People with chronic physical illnesses are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety or depression as their physically healthy counterparts — and for specific health conditions, the rate is even higher.1 Physically ill individuals may also develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A […]

By Pat Matuszak Sometimes one health condition can look like another. When my daughter and I saw red, itchy spots on her little girl’s legs, we guessed she’d walked through poison ivy. But we knew from experience they might also be caused by a common virus or a parasite-like ringworm. To get a reliable diagnosis, […]

By David Heitz Long thought just a soldier’s burden, today more and more people are learning that PTSD can affect anyone. This includes assault survivors, parents who have lost a child (or vice versa) and even victims of natural disasters. As communities become ravaged by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme heat and other deadly, devastating weather […]

Written by Noah benShea Every person who has ever suffered from addiction of any kind has also suffered from dishonesty. In the world of addiction, fear of shame or incarceration makes dishonesty a passport. Anyone who denies this is lying. On the healing side, all personal transformation from any negative habit requires self-witnessing. But the […]


It is often in the quietest moments that our inner voices speak the loudest. The practices of yoga and meditation ignite those voices in countless individuals on a daily basis. With numerous benefits to mind, body, and spirit, yoga is an ancient discipline that plays a significant role in many recovery programs, including recovery programs […]


Going to addiction treatment at a drug rehab facility is difficult for everyone, but teens trying to overcome addiction face a unique set of challenges. While addiction treatment programs and sustaining a life in recovery are large enough obstacles, those who struggle with substance abuse in their teen years also juggle the added tension of […]