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By Pat Matuszak One of the most dangerous myths surrounding alcohol abuse is that alcohol is a less damaging substance than illegal drugs. Studies about the effects of alcohol abuse on the body and the psychological toll it takes prove otherwise, but popular perception continues to support the belief that alcohol abuse is a lesser […]

We’ve learned a lot about addiction over the past century. Through research and observation, addiction has gone from an enigma to a decidedly complex brain disease, for which there are many potential causes. However, there’s still much left to learn, especially when it comes to understanding susceptibility to addiction. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease that […]

Alcohol-related deaths are up in America, and the cost of alcohol might be partly to blame. While no single reason explains why more people are dying from alcohol use, the relative cheap cost of alcohol now, compared to recent history, is a significant factor. Since alcohol is legal, its use in America is more widespread […]

Everyone from Time Magazine to Rolling Stone is getting in on the action, but using politics as an excuse to overindulge isn’t fun for those who suffer serious side effects. The presidential debates are just the beginning. As election season gets into full swing, news coverage will kick into high gear. All the political doubletalk […]

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It seems like simple common sense that one of the first steps in treatment for substance abuse is to get you to stop using the substance. Whether it’s alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications, the detox process is usually an important starting point of any program. Only after an individual is no longer under the […]

For the casual drinker, it can be comforting to hear that a few glasses of wine each week can have health benefits. But promoting alcohol as “healthy” may be a bit of a stretch, especially for those who consume several drinks a day. Those who indulge at that level could be doing irreparable damage to […]

You may think your children aren’t listening, but research shows that parents play a critical role in preventing their kids from using drugs. Even armed with those statistics, though, it can be hard to have a conversation with your teen or pre-teen about substance use. Fortunately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has launched […]