Mental Health Primary Treatment Track

La Paloma inpatient building

The Oaks at La Paloma is licensed to treat both addictions and mental health, making it the first FRN residential facility to offer Mental Health Primary treatment.

In developing a model for integrated care, The Oaks’ clinical team recognized the unmet need of people with complex behavioral health issues where addictions and mental health symptoms are intertwined. As the stigma became less prohibitive for individuals suffering with mental illnesses, we further evolved by adding a Mental Health Primary track to meet the needs of those whose only option for treatment was short-term inpatient care.

With mental health patients, like addictions patients, our treatment team recognized the importance of longer term care for improved treatment outcomes.

The Oaks is the only facility in FRN currently licensed to treat individuals with mental illnesses that do not include substance use disorder. We recognized this as an opportunity to offer a needed service by adding the Mental Health Only/Mental Health Primary designation. Individuals appropriate for this designation have not previously been diagnosed with a substance use disorder or their substance use disorder has been in remission for a minimum of six months.

The concept of treating the whole patient applies no matter where they fall on the behavioral health spectrum.


How It Works

doctor describing treatment plan to patientUpon admission, patients are assessed to determine course of treatment. If it is determined that they are appropriate for the Mental Health Primary/Only track, the patients are given a specific schedule that highlights treatment expectations.

During programming that addresses substance abuse only, alternative options are provided for individuals on this track. Patients in this track are not completely separate from Addiction Primary patients, but they benefit from a menu of programming tailored to their specific needs.

The track was implemented to accommodate the distinct needs of individuals that do not fit in the traditional dual diagnosis model. The track includes aspects of the dual diagnosis/substance abuse curriculum with the addition of unique breakouts sessions.

Continuity of care is sustained throughout treatment to ensure effective and individualized treatment within the framework of our comprehensive and evidenced-based system of care.

While most patients at The Oaks have a need for care that includes both the addiction and mental health components, we are proud to offer this Mental Health Primary/Only option.