Depression Related Posts

It’s normal to feel discouraged at times after having a baby. Lack of sleep, getting used to baby’s schedule, learning what he or she needs and when, and staying organized can all make even the most together woman feel less-than. Often called the “baby blues,” feelings of inadequacy and discouragement typically lessen and disappear after […]

When it comes to Americans’ top stressors, the workplace is second only to concerns about money. This finding came from a 2015 poll put forth by the American Psychological Association. According to the report, despite stress being at a seven-year low in 2014, a majority of adults (60 percent) that year reported struggling with work-related […]

We’ve learned a lot about addiction over the past century. Through research and observation, addiction has gone from an enigma to a decidedly complex brain disease, for which there are many potential causes. However, there’s still much left to learn, especially when it comes to understanding susceptibility to addiction. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease that […]