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In a preface to the National Drug Control Strategy, written for members of Congress, President Barack Obama wrote these words about the fight against addiction in the United States: “To succeed, we will need to rely on the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of every concerned American.” These are strong words, and for people who live […]

Whether it’s the latest gadget, a chic new piece of clothing or even food, we’ve all felt the urge to splurge now and again. This comes as little surprise because we are constantly being bombarded with ads both online and in the real world to reinforce this compulsion. Indulging our inner shopaholic isn’t necessarily a […]

johnson Intervention

In recent years, interventions have earned a bad reputation, due at least in part to a misunderstanding of just what an intervention is (and isn’t). The emotional scenes you see on reality TV bear little resemblance to an average intervention. The real goal of intervening is simply to help a close friend or loved one […]

The next dual diagnosis conference, The Moment of Change, will address intervention and addiction issues. The next dual diagnosis conference will focus on the hot topic of intervention. Join us at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida from Sept. 28-30 for “The Moment of Change: Intervention Approaches for Professionals,” hosted by Foundations Recovery Network and […]

Interfering in the life of a friend or family member can be risky, but if an addiction is threatening their health you can’t afford to keep quiet. Intervening in the life of an adult – whether they’re a family member or close friend – is tricky business. You’re afraid of overstepping, of butting in, of […]