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What’s the connection between substance abuse and nutritional deficiencies? Is there a correlation between addiction and malnutrition? Often, when someone arrives for treatment, they show signs of malnutrition. For some, it’s related to the loss of appetite brought on by alcohol or drugs like heroin. In other ways, it’s just practical: If someone isn’t taking […]

They say we are what we eat, but can the foods we’re missing out on make us more prone to substance abuse, crime, delinquency, learning disabilities, ADHD and lowered IQ or school performance? Nutrient Deficiency and Crime

Addiction recovery consists of much more than simply ending a chemical dependency. Even the food you eat plays a role. When food is in its most natural state, the body recognizes and responds to it more readily than processed snacks or junk foods. The level of nutrients satisfies more readily than empty foods. That’s why […]