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By Alanna Hilbink Access to the right treatment at the right time makes a difference in a person’s addiction recovery. What the “right” treatment entails changes from person to person. It even changes for a single person depending on where he or she is on the path to sobriety. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be one […]

By Thomas Tjornehoj “By my first year in high school, I had graduated to … ketamine … to get me out of my own head,” recalls Meagan F. in her story. “To make all my racing thoughts, all my negative built up emotions to subside or at least relax for a little while … […]

By Christa Banister It’s no secret that music can completely transform your mood. And whether you’re into Mozart or more of a Top-40 radio fan, whenever you’re listening, your brain releases the same feel-good neurochemical, namely dopamine, that’s associated with pleasure and reward.1 Interestingly enough, your brain has the same response of dopamine release whenever […]


Going to addiction treatment at a drug rehab facility is difficult for everyone, but teens trying to overcome addiction face a unique set of challenges. While addiction treatment programs and sustaining a life in recovery are large enough obstacles, those who struggle with substance abuse in their teen years also juggle the added tension of […]

When a loved one decides to seek treatment and start the recovery process for addiction, you naturally may feel extremely positive and optimistic. But as supporting a loved one along this journey can also be incredibly challenging, it’s important to manage your expectations and be prepared for the impact his or her recovery process will […]

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It seems like simple common sense that one of the first steps in treatment for substance abuse is to get you to stop using the substance. Whether it’s alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications, the detox process is usually an important starting point of any program. Only after an individual is no longer under the […]

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Regular therapy in groups and individually is the core of addiction treatment. Groups provide peer feedback and a listening ear from those who are experiencing many of the same emotions and feelings. One-on-one sessions allow for deeper, more focused work using a variety of scientifically proven methods. Despite the varied approaches, the goal is always […]

In the early days of substance abuse treatment, the focus was on detox and “getting clean,” to the exclusion of almost everything else. As the field of addiction treatment has grown, professionals have come to understand that substance abuse is about much more than a chemical addiction. For lasting success, you need to treat the […]