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Real life is real life and TV is fantasy, right? So when Breaking Bad’s main character, a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, begins producing and selling methamphetamine to provide some financial security for his family, we don’t take it seriously. Or do we? The critically-acclaimed series went off the air […]

While Hollywood has close ties to the issue of addiction, the art of acting itself isn’t directly connected – until now. The Addiction Performance Project employs the talents of movie and television stars in their innovative continuing medical education (CME) program for doctors and other health providers. The performances are a project of the National […]

The high-profile Jodi Arias trial has mental health and treatment professionals taking notice. As the proceedings wrap up, there has been much discussion about the DSM. Its formal name is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The latest version of this “mental health bible,” the DSM-IV-TR (fourth edition, text revision), is used by […]


It’s clear that celebrity branding is big business, but with a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony partnering to create his own strain of medical marijuana, has the trend gone too far? Michigan Live recently reported that Stanley “Flesh-N-Bone” Howse has partnered with a medical marijuana facility in Otisville, Michigan, to create a new strain for patients […]

Lance Armstrong’s two-night interview with Oprah Winfrey was about two specific topics: Is he being honest now and is he sorry. After the cameras were turned off, other players in the story weighed in with their responses and shared additional details that made it even harder to determine the truth. As much as we speculate, […]

What does MDPV have to do with Internet pioneer John McAfee, and could this dangerous psychoactive drug have played a role in a murder in Belize? Police in the tropical locale are eager to talk to the billionaire after his neighbor, US national Gregory Faull, was found shot in the head. Officials insist McAfee is […]

Being diagnosed with an illness or disorder can be life-changing, and determining who to share that information with is a personal decision. There may be fears that disclosure will negatively affect career opportunities or cause others to view you differently. This same thinking and reluctance to speak openly leads to the stigmatization of certain health […]

The sudsy new ABC nighttime soap Nashville may not be a completely realistic take on the music biz – or life in Music City (locals would never hang out at the riverfront!) – but its portrayal of addiction is hitting home. Troubled young country star Juliette (played by Hayden Panettiere) doesn’t know what to do […]