Heroin Busts In NYC Follow Hoffman’s Overdose

Cops moved swiftly to make arrests following the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in Manhattan, believed to be caused by a heroin overdose. Four people were

The arrests were made following a raid that yielded 350 glassine-type bags of what is believed to be heroin.

taken into custody in connection with the drugs found in Hoffman’s apartment, officials told CNN.

Heroin was also found in Hoffman’s apartment — close to 50 envelopes’ worth — at the time the Oscar winner’s body was discovered. They also found used syringes, prescription drugs and empty glassine-type bags, sources say.

Some suspected the heroin that allegedly killed Hoffman was tainted with fentanyl, but preliminary tests show that’s not the case, according to CNN. Despite its absence in this case, the powerful cancer drug has been linked to more than 60 recent overdose deaths in the northeast.

Hoffman had spoken out publicly before about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction. He first got sober at age 22, but reportedly relapsed last year, returning to treatment.

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