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Cops moved swiftly to make arrests following the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in Manhattan, believed to be caused by a heroin overdose. Four people were The arrests were made following a raid that yielded 350 glassine-type bags of what is believed to be heroin. taken into custody in connection with the drugs found […]

A new bill called the Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act was recently introduced to legislators in Nashville, Tennessee. This bill gives people with certain medical conditions legal access to marijuana with a prescription at the nearest pharmacy. The Criminal Justice Subcommittee passed the Medical Cannabis Only Act on February 28th, 2018 with House Speaker […]

Some Californians see pot as a cash crop and the key to the state’s considerable financial woes. But will legalization lead to a costly new addiction problem? As drug abuse continues to be a problem that affects all ages and socio-economic groups, one drug is garnering growing support for legalization and making it more readily […]