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Doctors should be more aware than anyone of the dangers of certain medications and the many ways that abusing them can be harmful. Despite all their knowledge on how to get and stay healthy, MDs and other healthcare providers are not immune from addiction and drug abuse. A recent news report of a doctor and […]

In an ironic twist, there was once concern that Bitcoin would be used to buy illegal drugs but now legal currency is being used to buy a drug called Bitcoin. This hot new brand of ecstasy pills is named after the peer-to-peer payment system introduced in 2009. Bitcoin in Europe This variant of MDMA is […]

Cops moved swiftly to make arrests following the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in Manhattan, believed to be caused by a heroin overdose. Four people were The arrests were made following a raid that yielded 350 glassine-type bags of what is believed to be heroin. taken into custody in connection with the drugs found […]

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It’s an ongoing process to monitor the prescription medications that we use, and history shows us that despite the Food and Drug Administration’s oversight, meds do make it to market that are later proven harmful. Over the years, dozens of drugs have been pulled after reports of dangerous side effects or death. The most recent […]

Heroin is enough of a problem for those who knowingly use it. Now, a Washington state father has been charged with trying to kill his four-year-old son by injecting him with the drug. While the dad pleaded not guilty to attempted first-degree murder, the 37-year-old man is accused of overdosing his young son at home […]

At the first sign of pain, are you running for the medicine cabinet and some medicinal relief? You’re not alone. In our culture, we’ve become increasingly unwilling to tolerate even minor pain. While we aren’t willing to live with any sort of physical discomfort, we’ve become increasingly comfortable with taking medication – even strong prescription […]

They say there’s nothing like the pain of losing a child. The grief can be debilitating, and, when a child dies from addiction or overdose, there can be added guilt. Why didn’t we know? Could we have prevented this? Jonathan Morelli’s mom Rochelle is turning her grief over her son’s death into something positive. Jon […]

Narcotics allegedly found on Zachery Tims, past history of drug abuse may be a clue. Rev. Zachery Tims, Jr., the 42-year-old pastor of a mega-church in Orlando, Florida, was found dead in a Times Square hotel room last week, shocking his thousands of parishioners. The cause of death is still pending, but news reports say […]

The trend of misusing over-the-counter medicines to get high continues, but it can be deadly. It’s a dangerous trend: Individuals (usually young people) have found that they don’t need to score illegal drugs to get high. They can simply misuse over-the-counter medicines for the same purpose. Unfortunately, this can be just as dangerous as using […]