Why Rehab Is Often Done Far From Home

When considering treatment for a chemical dependency for yourself or a loved one, the first inclination is find a center close to home. But many who enter treatment do so in another state. Why go so far for a service you can get in your own neighborhood?

So many people with a chemical dependency or process addiction opt for treatment thousands of miles because it’s recommended by a professional. In other words, it wasn’t their idea to go so far away, but once they do, they see the benefits almost immediately.



– Pursuing treatment in another geographical area provides a physical “fresh start” as well as a mental one. A new location lets someone move forward without constantly being reminded of past mistakes.


– A new place far from home doesn’t allow for as many distractions. You won’t run into “friends” who are also seeking treatment and family and loved ones can be involved in the process in a safe, regimented way.


– In a new location, there are no memories of past substance abuse. You’re not near any locations or neighborhoods that are triggers. There are no old groups of friends that you’re tempted to track down.

In a far-away location, there’s the freedom to truly focus on you and your recovery and that’s what the process should be all about.

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