The Role Addiction Plays In Physical Abuse

Abused GirlIt would be completely wrong to suggest that everyone with a chemical dependency becomes physically abusive. But it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that chemical substances are almost always involved in physical abuse.

There’s an old saying: “No one hits their wife sober.” That may not be true in every circumstance, but no one will argue with the premise that while under the influence of chemical substances, people will do and say things they’d never have thought possible while sober.

Substance abuse doesn’t always lead to violence against others, but informal studies have shown that when it comes to domestic violence, 80 percent of all incidents involve alcohol use.

Alcohol and other mind-altering substances lower inhibitions. Some cause increases in adrenaline that can make users more prone to fighting or physical violence. They all impair judgment, whether used or abused.

The link between physical abuse and substances is just one more reason for seeking treatment.

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