Steps for Avoiding Relapse

There’s no magic cure for staying clean post-rehab, but there are ways you can ensure the best possible chance of healthy, long-term recovery.

Everyone who gets caught up in addiction is a whole person with talents and gifts and unique traits. Despite your recovery status, you don’t need to be defined by your addiction. You are so much more! In addition, letting your addiction define you is unnecessary and can be a barrier to your long-term recovery.

Steps for Avoiding Relapse

Changing Your Future

You can’t control how others perceive you, but you can control how you view yourself. You have the choice each day to be someone who can’t get beyond the past or someone who is focusing on the future – drug free. Your attitude makes a big difference in how you live out your life of recovery.

Doing this requires support from others who’ve been there. You didn’t make it through treatment alone, and that support is still needed as you make your way though your life of recovery. Support groups can also offer advice on new healthy hobbies or activities to fill the space left by your addiction. Exercise, music, classes or volunteering can all offer fulfillment and take your mind off the tremendous changes you’ve been through and any anxiety about what the future will hold.

Boredom can be dangerous to recovery, but you also want to make sure you don’t try to do too much too soon. Rely on your support group or aftercare experts to help you determine what you’re ready to take on. Making smart decisions and taking appropriate steps at the right time will lead to lasting recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment

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