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Finding continued success after treatment doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of careful planning and follow-through. As anyone in recovery knows, treatment doesn’t end when you’re discharged from a residential program. Graduation day is just the beginning. While completing a program is a milestone that is certainly worthy of celebration, it should also be a […]

A painful loss has you feeling the urge to use again, but that doesn’t mean relapse is a foregone conclusion. You have the tools to stay sober get through the trauma. You’ve completed treatment, you’ve done the hard work, and you’re on track in your recovery. Everything is going great. Then you’re hit by something […]

Getting clean is one thing, staying clean is another. But there are concrete ways to avoid the people places and situations that can lead to relapse. Once you’ve completedtreatment, your journey of recovery is only beginning. In the protected environment of drug and alcohol rehab, it’s easy to avoid triggers and to avoid the people […]

There’s no magic cure for staying clean post-rehab, but there are ways you can ensure the best possible chance of healthy, long-term recovery. Everyone who gets caught up in addiction is a whole person with talents and gifts and unique traits. Despite your recovery status, you don’t need to be defined by your addiction. You […]

What make someone in recovery return to old habits and how can relapse be avoided? Addiction is a complex disease, and the riddle of relapse is equally difficult to unravel. Why does someone who seems to be successfully working a recovery program and has all the necessary head knowledge about how to avoid falling into […]

Many addictions can be traced back to the desire to avoid unwanted feelings. So how do you make peace with emotions and remain in recovery? The holidays, family functions, job stress, family stress, events that take you back in the path of locations where you used to obtain or do drugs can all be dangerous. […]

Go-Go’s frontwoman Belinda Carlisle shows how easy it is to hide a relapse when you’re in the public eye. She was an ‘80s icon, leading the way for other girl groups before launching a successful solo career. But even while Belinda Carlisle was the frontwoman for the bubbly, sugary-sweet band the Go-Go’s, she was battling […]