The New Designer Drugs

The fashion and design worlds have always seemed to have a fascination with drugs and drug culture. From the flower-powered designs of the 1960s to heroin chic in the ‘90s, there’s a knowing wink by designers.

The latest to take on trend is Jonathan Adler. Christmas shoppers can choose from a variety of drug-related items in his latest line of home décor. This includes beaded linen throw pillows with the words “LSD” and “Opium” emblazoned on the front. Retailing for $198 each, the pillows feature “hand-sewn glass beads on luxe linen” meant to give their “iconic graphic designs an upscale twist” and “add twinkle and glamour to your home.”

Or you can choose their “Sparkle” needlepoint pillow decorated with a handful of colorful pills. The description reads: “No longer granny’s occupational therapy, we believe needlepoint is hipper than hip!”

You can also opt for a $98 ceramic canister with the word “Ganja” on it (a slang term for marijuana). “Beyond denial, stash your stuff in style,” the tongue-in-cheek description suggests. It goes on to say, “Face it, your little pill bottle collection is getting out of hand. It’s time to take it to the next level and fill up our hand painted collection of candid canisters with all of life’s little helpers – from sweets to sedatives.”

Many in the fashion world see it as their job to push the envelope, and I don’t think anyone would suggest that these items would seriously entice anyone to try drugs. Popular culture’s glamorization of drug use does have an impact, though, making substance use seem cool and adding to the false perception that “everyone’s doing it.” Unfortunately, for anyone who’s ever witnessed addiction up close, it’s not stylish or sparkly. It’s a serious disease that claims lives and often requires inpatient treatment.

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