Holiday Stress

winter snowAs the holidays approach and the to-do list grows, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed. The growing Christmas list, the crowds at the mall, the long lines at the grocery store, the endless parties and obligations… before you know it, you’re stressed out. It doesn’t help that the days are shorter and colder, making it tempting to huddle inside where it’s warm and hibernate. But the winter weather has more to offer than just chapped lips and static cling. The nature around us can do a lot to combat stress and depression – if you’ll only give it the chance.

Nature plays a valuable role in a healthy life for the average person and it’s even more important for someone in recovery from alcohol and drug dependency. The biggest challenge is making the time to step outside and let nature do its work, helping stress and depression to drift away. Our daily world is a place of such busyness that simply taking time to open your door, walk outside and make a connection with a part of the natural world- whether it’s a tree, a rock, a blade of grass, a rain cloud or a mound of snow– can do wonders.

This type of natural healing is available to anyone. Try it and you’ll find that breathing deeply and enjoying the simplicity of the moment offers a healing that can’t be found at the local pharmacy. And that Christmas can wait a few minutes. Really.

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