High Stress Jobs Increase Addiction Risk

Those in stressful careers need to be even more vigilant about signs of alcohol or drug dependence.

Addiction can happen to anyone in any profession, but some high-stress jobs can put you at higher risk. Law enforcement is one, dangerous jobs like the type of crab fishing featured on the show Deadliest Catch is another.

F/V Cornelia Marie deckhand Jake Harris, whose father, Capt. Phil Harris, suffered a stroke and eventually passed away last year, has recently begun talking about his battle with addiction. Viewers of the show were well aware that the younger Harris had a close but contentious relationship with his father. They also became aware that he had drug issues, which would later send him into drug rehab.

The new season, which launched Tuesday, April 12, focuses some on Jake and his older brother, Josh, and the future of their father’s Bering Sea crab-fishing vessel. Meanwhile, another Jake is featured on the show and battling his own demons. Jake Anderson is part of the crew of the F/V Northwestern, captained by Sig Hansen. The latter Jake also lost his father who died under mysterious circumstances in early 2010 and the death of his sister the year before. He has also battled alcoholism.

“It was horrible,” Anderson told Zap2it. “Sometimes I don’t know how I did it. … As an alcoholic, it’s been tough.” The fisherman attributed an injury during his skateboarding days sent him on a downward spiral into alcohol, drugs and even homelessness.

High Stress Jobs Up Addiction Risk

Addiction Treatment

Many employers in these dangerous fields make help available to their workers in the way of counseling and treatment programs. But you have to be willing to admit you have a problem and seek help. If you or someone you love is battling an addiction or co-occurring disorder, call The Oaks at La Paloma at our toll-free number. Someone is there to take your call 24 hours a day and answer any questions you have about treatment, financing or insurance.

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