From Brat Pack to Addiction to Happiness: Rob Lowe On Oprah

Rob Lowe seemed poised to lead a charmed life. Sleepovers with high school buddies like Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, palling around with Tom Cruise. Getting his big break while still a teen. And then there are those chiseled good looks that attracted princesses and celebrities alike. But all that glitters wasn’t gold, as Lowe recently explained on Oprah.

Rob Lowe’s Autobiography

Plugging his new autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, the 47-year-old Lowe didn’t just name drop, he also got real, talking about his time in treatment and his longtime sobriety.

For Lowe, rock bottom came during his infamous sex tape scandal. “It ends up being the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” he told Oprah. “Because what it ends up doing is accelerating my alcohol [addiction] to where I finally get sober. I have been able to have the rest of my life that I’m so blessed with, which is now 20 years of sobriety.”

Lowe attributes his out-of-control partying in his 20s to the combination of sudden fame and internal issues. “I had long ago become a creation, a public image made to be consumed, piled on top of a precarious shell of a little boy wanting to be loved,” he told Oprah. “Finally, the whole thing has caved in around me, and I am thrilled.”

Today, Rob seems genuinely grateful for his sobriety, crediting his clean living with allowing him to enjoy life with his wife of more than 20 years and their two teenage sons. He’s also appearing regularly alongside Amy Poehler on the sitcom Parks & Recreation, proving second acts are possible in Hollywood and that life in recovery can be fuller than someone in the throes of alcohol and drug addiction could ever imagine.

Addiction Treatment

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