Recovery In the Spotlight

Go-Go’s frontwoman Belinda Carlisle shows how easy it is to hide a relapse when you’re in the public eye.

She was an ‘80s icon, leading the way for other girl groups before launching a successful solo career. But even while Belinda Carlisle was the frontwoman for the bubbly, sugary-sweet band the Go-Go’s, she was battling a drug and alcohol problem. She eventually came clean about her addiction issues and became an outspoken proponent for recovery.

Now, years later, Carlisle admits she was still using at times, even while answering questions in interviews about her long-term sobriety.

It’s just another reminder of the dangers of getting clean in the spotlight. When celebrities go through substance abuse treatment, fans and the media watch them closely for signs of relapse. It’s also a topic that will continue to come up in interviews. With careers on the line, it can be difficult for those in the public eye to find a safe place to admit they’re struggling.

Drug Addiction Relapse

In her new autobiography, Lips Unsealed, the voice behind “We’ve Got the Beat” admits to secretly using drugs later in life, too, as recently as several years ago.

“I was clean from cocaine for probably about five years … but it crept back into my life,” Carlisle explained to CNN’s Larry King Live Blog. “It got to a point where I would feel so guilty whenever anyone asked, so I would just say I used the 12-step program as a guide for living. But after a certain point, I couldn’t blatantly lie and say I’m sober. I just couldn’t. I carried a lot of shame around about that. It was hideous to try and hide it. There were times when I was out and about – out of my mind – and people thought I was sober.”

Carlisle hopes that sharing her story will offer hope to others struggling with addiction or working a program to stay clean. She adds that she’s been sober again for five years now. “I know you can never say never, but it’s off my radar,” she explains. “I never would have thought after 30 years of consistent using that it would be off my radar at one point.”

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