Adult Beverages That Appeal to Teens

There’s a new youth-friendly adult beverage that is sure to appeal to those under the legal drinking age. Will Adult Chocolate Milk lead to more drinking dangers?

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. No sooner did the caffeine-laden alcoholic beverage Four Loko start receive negative attention for it’s popularity among teens and barely-legal twenty-somethings, than a new beverage has cropped up.

Adult Beverages That Appeal to Teens

Adult Chocolate Milk

Adult Chocolate Milk, made by Adult Bev Co, is touted as “youth at 40-proof.” The alcohol-spiked kiddie fave may be advertised as “for the adult crowd only,” but it’s definitely going to pique the interest of those who are under 21. Getting R&B singer Ginuwine to hawk the product dressed up as a funkified milkman will only help with that.

Next up from Adult Bev Co: Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade. “They taste just like your favorite treats from way back when,” the company’s site says. And that’s exactly the problem. There’s nothing wrong with providing tasty drink options for consenting adults, but it’s a fine line between that and creating products that teens are going to find too tempting to pass up – despite being legally prohibited from partaking.

Meanwhile, some college campuses and other locations are banning drinks like Four Loko.

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