Top Alcohol Consumption States

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recently released a comprehensive study that tracked alcohol consumption per capita for every state in the U.S. Essentially, the NIAAA gathered up data on alcohol sales for each state and then divided it by census population numbers, including any person 14 or older, accounting for underage drinkers in each state. The study didn’t just look at overall consumption, but it also broke down their figures by beer, wine and spirits.

Top States in Alcohol Consumption

1.) New Hampshire
2.) Washington, DC
3.) Nevada
4.) Delaware

The numbers, which are for 2007 (the latest year studied), are based on alcohol sales in each state, so there’s no way to confirm that everything purchased was actually consumed. The study figures show alcohol consumption in terms of ethanol (or pure alcohol) consumed per capita in terms of gallons.

New Hampshire topped the list, with 4.22 gallons of ethanol consumed per capita in 2007. Washington, DC followed behind with a rate of 3.95 gallons consumed. Nevada and Delaware have the dubious distinction of coming in third and fourth, respectively, with totals of 3.61 and 3.23.

So which state consumed the least amount of alcohol? Utah takes that honor, with 1.34 gallons consumed per capita. West Virginia is next with 1.76 gallons consumed. Arkansas and Kentucky nearly tied for third place, with consumption rates of 1.84 and 185 respectively. Also coming under 2.0 were Tennessee, Oklahoma and Kansas.

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