Teen Graduates High School While in Treatment at Drug Rehab Facility

Going to addiction treatment at a drug rehab facility is difficult for everyone, but teens trying to overcome addiction face a unique set of challenges. While addiction treatment programs and sustaining a life in recovery are large enough obstacles, those who struggle with substance abuse in their teen years also juggle the added tension of completing high school and determining the course of their future. Teens who go the extra mile not only successfully complete their addiction treatment program, but also graduate from high school, all while involved in a treatment program that enhances their education.

It is hard to fathom how an adolescent trying to recover from a severe drug addiction, mental health condition or both, for that matter, has the tenacity and wherewithall to not only continue with their education, but also graduate from high school.

Olivia’s story is one that tells of the strength and temerity required to juggle both intensive treatment therapy and school work at an adolescent addiction treatment facility. Nearing the end of her 90 days in treatment, Olivia achieved what some would believe to be the impossible in a rehab facility: She graduated from high school.

Is It Possible to Attend School and Rehab at the Same Time?

It has become increasingly more common for adolescent drug rehabs to offer educational programs, and Olivia was fortunate enough to attend one with an online educational academy.

While in treatment, Olivia was enrolled in online courses through the rehab’s affiliation with the Florida Virtual School, (FLVS), an online school with access to more than 150 courses in subjects from algebra to AP art history.

According to Olivia, at one point in her journey to recovery and high school graduation, she had lost all hope that this day would ever come. However, she persevered, crediting her success to the outstanding support she received from the rehab staff and encouragement from her peers along the way.

Graduation Day Finally Arrives

When Olivia’s graduation day finally arrived, her rehab center held a ceremony with all the bells and whistles, including a traditional graduation tassel and cap, background music playing “Pomp and Circumstance”, a celebration cake and, of course, a diploma.

While teen girls can become competitive in many circumstances, this was not the case at Olivia’s graduation ceremony. For the other girls in rehab, celebrating high school graduation meant a lot not only to Olivia, but also to her friends. Seeing Olivia graduate gave the teens hope and inspiration for their own recovery paths.

Life After Rehab

Olivia’s accomplishments did not stop there. A few days following her graduation ceremony, she successfully completed the treatment and educational program at the addiction facility.

As Olivia confirms her joyfulness with tears in her eyes, she feels accomplished and very proud of herself. “Studying and being in treatment at the same time is extremely challenging,” she adds. Yet, she did it.

Olivia is now celebrating her achievements back home with her family.

We are happy to celebrate with Olivia and draw inspiration from the determination and resilience she displays.

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