Morrison Tragedy

Death of singer’s dad reminds us that help is only helpful if someone is ready to make a change.

British singer James Morrison, famous for the hit “You Give Me Something,” is said to be devastated by the recent death of his father, Paul Catchpole. According to an inquest held on Dec. 6, 2010, The Brit Award winner’s dad died from liver disease brought on by a six-month drinking binge.

Catchpole’s body was discovered by paramedics at a property in Warwickshire, England, in August 2010, but the official cause of death was just made public. The room was reportedly littered with beer cans, and a passer-by admitted to helping him home after he collapsed in the street earlier in the evening.

Morrison Tragedy

Catchpole’s Alcohol Addicted Past

Catchpole reportedly battled alcohol addiction for 20 years, and Morrison and his sister were said to have “tried desperately” to help their father overcome his demons. Morrison’s sister told reporters, “James was very close to him. He offered to buy him a flat so he could get healthy, but it was no use.”

It’s a heartbreaking reminder of the power of addiction. Loved ones can offer help and support, but only the individual battling a substance use disorder has the power to change his or her life. It’s too late for Catchpole, but hopefully his story will inspire others struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction to seek help and find lasting recovery.

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