FRN's Data Shows Positive Post-discharge Results

The goal of treatment is recovery, but very few centers track the results of their programs as extensively as Foundations Recovery Network (FRN), which oversees The Oaks at La Paloma Treatment Center. One of very few treatment programs in the country to collect five-year comprehensive outcomes data on all clients after discharge, FRN attributes the positive data their reports deliver to their integrated treatment model.

The numbers don’t lie. Below are just a few of the highlights:

Increase In Abstinence — A vast majority of clients, from 70-80 percent, abstained from using chemicals (alcohol, opiates, etc.) up to one year following treatment.

Reduction of Severity of Symptoms — Severity of psychiatric symptoms was reduced by 60 percent with corresponding improvements in quality of life.

Dramatic Cut In Repeat Service Utilization — High-cost service utilization dropped dramatically following treatment, with 80-90 percent reductions in inpatient and emergency room visits related to substance use or mental health problems. Likewise, inpatient and ER visits for general healthcare declined by 50-60 percent.

Cost-Effective Care Increased — Service profiles showed an increase in appropriate and cost-effective utilization of community supports and services.

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