Holistic Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers

As long as there have been medical doctors prescribing treatment, there have been holistic approaches to health care. In fact, long before the modern prescription drug era, the only kind of method to treating bipolar disorder was through various holistic approaches. Quite often, these two distinct forms of therapy will be combined into one comprehensive treatment plan. Think of this as the perfect melding of Western and Eastern medical philosophies.

One of the benefits of a holistic approach is that there aren’t many negative side effects. As a result of the interest and ongoing research in this field, there have been many bipolar disorder treatment centers founded that specialize in the holistic approach to well-being. Here is what you can expect to experience at one of these centers.

Exercise at Holistic Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers

Introducing an active exercise regimen for bipolar patients actually dates back to the Victorian era when physicians would often prescribe swimming in lakes for bipolar patients. Because of this treatment, we had the invention of the health spa.

Many studies, including a recent one conducted by the Psychiatry Department of the University of Toronto, have found that “structured exercise programs alleviated bipolar emotional and cognitive symptoms.”

This definitely falls into the category of “it couldn’t hurt!” At a holistic treatment center, everyone will be put on a broad exercise program that they can continue to utilize once they return to their daily routines.

Diet and Stimulants at Holistic Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers


A change in diet can have a very positive impact in bipolar disorder patients. Among the beneficial supplements, fish oil capsules’ rich omega-3 fatty acid has been found to make positive improvements on the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Part of a diet overhaul for a bipolar patient also includes kicking bad habits such as smoking and caffeine.

These have shown to have an adverse impact on the symptoms generated by a bipolar disorder. Remove caffeine and smoking from one’s diet and those instances can decrease.

Developing healthy diet plans is another part of the holistic treatment center approach.


Meditation at Holistic Bipolar Disorder Treatment Centers

In bipolar patients, that never-ending cycle of manic thoughts can trigger harmful behavior. Learning to quiet the mind through meditation helps reduce the stress brought in from those negative thought patterns. It’s also a way of developing stronger focusing abilities. You’ll find that many holistic treatment centers have daily guided meditation sessions for their patients.

Although holistic treatments have been found to be a successful supplement to treatment, they are not a total substitute for medical care. As mentioned above, the best approach is a combined one. You can find out more about these forms of treatment by calling the toll-free number on this page.

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