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It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest trends in addiction, what new warning signs parents and teachers should be on the lookout for, and the latest everyday item teens are using to get high and endanger their health. Sometimes it is best to get back to basics. Our general understanding of […]

A painful loss has you feeling the urge to use again, but that doesn’t mean relapse is a foregone conclusion. You have the tools to stay sober get through the trauma. You’ve completed treatment, you’ve done the hard work, and you’re on track in your recovery. Everything is going great. Then you’re hit by something […]

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recently released a comprehensive study that tracked alcohol consumption per capita for every state in the U.S. Essentially, the NIAAA gathered up data on alcohol sales for each state and then divided it by census population numbers, including any person 14 or older, accounting for underage […]

When a loved one’s cancer or heart disease causes problems, we’re compassionate. It’s not the same when that loved one is battling the disease of addiction. Illness doesn’t just affect those who are sick, it affects all those around them as well, creating a hardship on the whole family. But when an individual gets a […]

When it comes to addiction, the pros can help determine a customized treatment plan that takes into account your specific needs, giving you the best chance of success. Addiction is a disease, not an illness like the flu or common cold. As a result, you don’t get over it from a few days of bed […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is helpful in treating substance abuse, the pros say, but what is it and how does it work? It’s far from becoming a household word, but Dialectical Behavior Therapy (or DBT as it’s known) is growing in popularity and has proven very helpful in treating drug addiction. This fast-growing method of treatment […]

Mindfulness is a major component of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy process. How does it work and why is it essential to DBT? Mindfulness can work in any area of life, enhancing our experiences and helping us to remain in the moment, but it’s particularly powerful in DBT, which relies heavily on the Eastern-based tradition. Mindfulness […]

The Internet is littered with home remedies for drug detox, but taking chances with your health when seeking sobriety can be deadly. Search the Internet for the term “drug detox” and you’ll find plenty of do-it-yourself options from pills to strips to advice on going “cold turkey.” While the desire to stop using drugs is […]

Mindful workouts like yoga can play a key role in the treatment process, helping to center and calm those moving toward recovery. “Yoga treats the biology and the psychology of an addict,” explains New York City addiction psychotherapist Mary Margaret Frederick, Ph.D. “Addicts are profoundly out of control internally. They have knee-jerk panic reactions and […]