Aerosmith Idol Finds New, Healthy High

Steven Tyler has left substance abuse behind for the natural high he gets these days from his stint as a judge on American Idol.

Many hard-partying rock stars don’t live to see a second act, but Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is beating the odds. High on life these days, he’s thrilled with his newfound sobriety and his gig on American Idol. In a new People cover story, the Aerosmith frontman explains the appeal of new job alongside Jennifer Lopez.

“If you think going out in front of high-def cameras and millions of people I’m not high on adrenaline, you’re crazy … I’m stoned when that curtain drops,” adds Tyler, 63, whose been sober for a year and a half. “I just don’t snort the curtain dropping. I don’t snort J. Lo either, though I do breathe her in.”

It’s odd, off-the-wall comments like that which have people tuning in to hear what he’ll say next. It’s also made him popular water cooler talk the next day and endeared him to untold numbers of Idol fans.

For those left wanting more after each episode of Idol airs, they can tune into Tyler’s new memoir, Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? In it, the hard-rocking star talks about his crazy life and his gratitude for overcoming several health issues that could have taken him down.

“Left up to my own devices,” says the singer, “I probably would have been dead several times over.”

Aerosmith Idol Finds New, Healthy High

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