Addiction’s Top Professionals Speak at Las Vegas Conference

Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) brings the next dual diagnosis conference to The Palms in Las Vegas, Nev., April 22-24, 2009. “Process Addictions: Approaches for Professionals” offers up to 18 hours Continuing Education Certification and the opportunity to network with the industry’s top professionals.

Participants at this conference will gain in-depth information about process addictions and mental health treatment while also being updated on the field’s advances over the last five years. Attendees will include professionals in the field of addiction such as chemical drug and mental health counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, interventionists, and social workers.

Conference objectives:

  • To learn how to assess and diagnosis clients with co-occurring mental health, process addictions and substance-related disorders
  • To identify treatment strategies with special awareness to the needs of persons with dual disorders and culturally diverse populations
  • To classify the applications of behavioral treatment, the integrated model, individual and group therapies, motivational enhancement and other approaches in providing treatment services for co-occurring disorders

With topics ranging from sexual addiction to pathological gambling, participants will have a wide variety of workshops to choose from. FRN has assembled some of the industry’s top professionals to speak at this conference.

In a field with few recognized experts, Robert Weiss, a director of a CRC Health Group facility, is an experienced therapist, author, speaker and professional trainer in the assessment and treatment of persons addicted to problem sexual behavior. After training under Dr. Patrick Carnes, Weiss has gone on to be a sexual addiction consultant for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters. Today he is the founder and Executive Director of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Los Angeles. Weiss will be speaking twice about different aspects of sexual addiction at this conference.

Julie Holland is Vice-President of Business Development for the CRC Health Group’s Eating Disorder Program. She has been quoted in popular media like Mademoiselle and Glamour and made appearances on television programs including Prime Time Live and The Keith Ablow Show. At this conference, Holland is speaking on working through resistance to eating disorder treatment.

To speak on gambling, FRN has commissioned Henry Lesieur, PhD, PsyD. Dr. Lesieur works as a staff psychologist at Rhode Island Hospital and as a clinical psychologist in the Rhode Island Gambling Treatment Program. Founding editor of the Journal of Gambling Studies, Lesieur has also published work on problem gambling and criminology. And, along with Sheila Blume, MD, Dr. Lesieur developed the South Oaks Gambling Screen which has been translated into over 35 languages and continues to be used by researchers around the world.

Cheryl D. Knepper is the Executive Director of Adolescent and Adult Extended Care Programs at Caron Treatment Centers. In this role, she oversees program development, training and treatment at Caron’s extended care facility for adolescents ages 13 to 19. With over 20 years in the field, Knepper also specializes in art therapy and presents at conference internationally about addiction related topics. At this conference, she will be speaking on “Adolescent Addictions and Self-Injurious Behavior: Approaches to Treatment.”

Other speakers include Alan Downs, PhD, CEO of Michael’s House; Jack Kuo, MD, Consulting Psychiatrist for Promises Treatment Centers; Mary R. Stock, PhD, LCSW, Clinical Director at Pine Grove Behavioral Health; Steven Karp, MD, Medical Director of Rosewood Centers for Eating Disorders; Dan Cronin, Intervention Specialist of FRN Services; Patrick Carnes, PhD, CAS, Executive Director of the Gentle Path programs at Pine Grove; and Claudia Black, MSW, PhD, Clinical Consultant of Addictive Disorders for The Meadows and a Hazelden author.

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