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One state’s department of health office has raised eyebrows with a brochure aimed at helping heroin users “stay safe.” No one questions the motives behind the pamphlet produced by the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. The 16-page “Take Charge, Take Care: 10 Tips for Safer Use” brochure was created “to help […]

Making past wrongs right isn’t just for the benefit of the other person – it helps the one making amends, too. While I went through the recovery process myself many years ago, I was inspired by the words I heard from those in leadership: “Trust God, clean house, serve others.” Those three steps aren’t just […]

Excuses, excuses! We’ve all heard them, and family and friends of those with substance abuse problems are exposed to more than most people. Excuses are more than just annoying, though. It’s a serious problem that people struggling with addiction share. Margery knew her daughter had a substance abuse problem. What she didn’t know was how […]

For many struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be hard to imagine getting back to leading a productive, fulfilling life. Ted Kennedy proved it can be done. The news was recently flooded with coverage of Senator Ted Kennedy’s death after a long battle with brain cancer. They talked about his famous family […]

When someone has a drug or alcohol problem, it is common for family members and loved ones to want the individual to seek help before he agrees that a problem exists. This situation can often strain relationships. Remember, when someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he is not thinking clearly. As a […]

Can animals aid in addiction recovery? Science shows pet therapy offers positive results, but The Oaks at La Paloma’s feline friends are just plain fun to have around. Animal-assisted therapy is nothing new. We’ve all seen companion animals used to help people with special needs. Animals can benefit more than just those with physical issues, […]

When considering treatment for a chemical dependency for yourself or a loved one, the first inclination is find a center close to home. But many who enter treatment do so in another state. Why go so far for a service you can get in your own neighborhood? So many people with a chemical dependency or […]

Aretha Franklin had it right when she demanded R-E-S-P-E-C-T in her famous song. We need to keep that same tune in mind when interacting with anyone who is dealing with a substance abuse problem. Televised intervention programs and treatment reality shows can make the process look like a bit of a circus, but in truth, […]

The clock struck midnight, the ball dropped and a new year has been ushered in. Welcome, 2009! Are you feeling optimistic about what the coming year will hold? Nervous? Excited? It may be little more than the turning of a calendar page, but a new year offers the feeling of a fresh start. It’s a […]

As the holidays approach and the to-do list grows, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed. The growing Christmas list, the crowds at the mall, the long lines at the grocery store, the endless parties and obligations… before you know it, you’re stressed out. It doesn’t help that the days are shorter and colder, making it […]