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Are those with a history of childhood sexual abuse at a higher risk for substance abuse? Is there a connection between childhood sexual abuse and substance abuse? While not everyone who experiences sexual abuse as a child is destined to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, a new study shows that the rates of childhood […]

When a loved one’s cancer or heart disease causes problems, we’re compassionate. It’s not the same when that loved one is battling the disease of addiction. Illness doesn’t just affect those who are sick, it affects all those around them as well, creating a hardship on the whole family. But when an individual gets a […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy’s benefits have long been touted for regulating imbalances, but do they also help women avoid addictive urges? When women reach “a certain age,” there can be a lot of talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Female hormones are potent modulators of brain chemicals, neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. When these hormones and […]

Many addictions can be traced back to the desire to avoid unwanted feelings. So how do you make peace with emotions and remain in recovery? The holidays, family functions, job stress, family stress, events that take you back in the path of locations where you used to obtain or do drugs can all be dangerous. […]

What’s the connection between substance abuse and nutritional deficiencies? Is there a correlation between addiction and malnutrition? Often, when someone arrives for treatment, they show signs of malnutrition. For some, it’s related to the loss of appetite brought on by alcohol or drugs like heroin. In other ways, it’s just practical: If someone isn’t taking […]

What unique issues need to be dealt with when an individual is battling more than one addiction? The same impulses that can make an individual susceptible to one addiction can make them open to other types of addictions as well. Co-addictions can sometimes also be referred to as co-occurring disorders and the term simply means […]

Do hypoglycemia and alcoholism go together? If so, what can we learn from both that might help combat these deadly diseases? After years of wondering, experts are now acknowledging a correlation between blood sugar and excessive drinking. “There is no question that a great majority of alcoholics suffer from chronic low blood sugar,” says Dr. […]

A new study suggests cocaine may not just provide a high but alter the way your brain operates. “Though we think about our genes mostly in terms of the traits we pass on to our children, they are actually very active in our lives every day, regulating how various cells in our bodies behave,” Time […]

One state’s department of health office has raised eyebrows with a brochure aimed at helping heroin users “stay safe.” No one questions the motives behind the pamphlet produced by the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene. The 16-page “Take Charge, Take Care: 10 Tips for Safer Use” brochure was created “to help […]