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Finding continued success after treatment doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of careful planning and follow-through. As anyone in recovery knows, treatment doesn’t end when you’re discharged from a residential program. Graduation day is just the beginning. While completing a program is a milestone that is certainly worthy of celebration, it should also be a […]

johnson Intervention

In recent years, interventions have earned a bad reputation, due at least in part to a misunderstanding of just what an intervention is (and isn’t). The emotional scenes you see on reality TV bear little resemblance to an average intervention. The real goal of intervening is simply to help a close friend or loved one […]

Experimentation has always been popular, especially among youth who have turned to household substances, cleaning products, prescription medications and even horse tranquilizers when looking for the next cheap, powerful high. Adventure seekers and bored young people have sampled everything from bath salts and misappropriated painkillers to gas fumes, canned air and hand sanitizer, turning themselves […]

Heroin is enough of a problem for those who knowingly use it. Now, a Washington state father has been charged with trying to kill his four-year-old son by injecting him with the drug. While the dad pleaded not guilty to attempted first-degree murder, the 37-year-old man is accused of overdosing his young son at home […]

You may think your children aren’t listening, but research shows that parents play a critical role in preventing their kids from using drugs. Even armed with those statistics, though, it can be hard to have a conversation with your teen or pre-teen about substance use. Fortunately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has launched […]

They say there’s nothing like the pain of losing a child. The grief can be debilitating, and, when a child dies from addiction or overdose, there can be added guilt. Why didn’t we know? Could we have prevented this? Jonathan Morelli’s mom Rochelle is turning her grief over her son’s death into something positive. Jon […]

Fourth- and fifth-grade students in one US school were caught smoking and inhaling candy. The children’s fake drugs of choice were Fun Dip, a flavored sugar powder, and Smarties, which can be crushed into a similar powdery consistency. The principal responded by sending a letter home to parents, warning that while the candy may not […]

As the holidays approach, there are more social events with friends and interactions with extended family. The presence of alcohol and the pressures of the season can bring addiction issues to the surface. Behaviors observed at Christmas parties, office gatherings and family functions can leave you concerned about the health and well-being of a loved […]

Hookahs are back in the news as experts warn that this seemingly civilized way to smoke may lure young users into ignoring the dangers. While cigarette smoking can be somewhat social, at its heart it’s a solitary activity because it usually involves one person smoking one cigarette. But a hookah is usually used in groups, […]

Trying to teach your teen responsible drinking by letting them imbibe at home doesn’t lead to better behavior after all. Think your teens are safe if the alcohol they consume is at home and under your watchful eye? Think again. A study in the May issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs […]