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Bipolar sufferers are aware of the emotional issues it causes, but they also need to know it puts them at higher risk of substance abuse. Bipolar disorder can bring on mood swings, mania, panic and a deep depression. Add to that the results of a 1990 study that showed 56 percent of bipolar patients also […]

In the wake of a pro athlete’s recent suicide, Sports Illustrated looks at the issue of mental illness and the stigma that it still carries for many athletes. The stigma of depression is isolating, which can be dangerous, especially since individuals suffering from depression are prone to abusing alcohol or drugs to cope with their […]

What unique issues need to be dealt with when an individual is battling more than one addiction? The same impulses that can make an individual susceptible to one addiction can make them open to other types of addictions as well. Co-addictions can sometimes also be referred to as co-occurring disorders and the term simply means […]

When you have a loved one battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s easy to think of it as a simple lack of self-control, but those who know substance abuse from the inside out know that’s not the case. Addiction is often quite complicated and may have a host of contributing factors. For many […]

They say we are what we eat, but can the foods we’re missing out on make us more prone to substance abuse, crime, delinquency, learning disabilities, ADHD and lowered IQ or school performance? Nutrient Deficiency and Crime

For some substance abusers there’s a connection between their drug use and aggression or anger. Addiction experts have long recognized the link between certain substances and aggressive behavior. One recent study showed that a staggering 83 percent of homicide offenders were drinking at the time of the offense. That number was 60 percent for sexual […]

Why are reality shows about substance abuse or process addictions so popular? Is it voyeurism, education or a little of both? Are TV viewers becoming addicted to shows about addiction? If you look at the growing range of programs on the schedule, you’d think so. The latest additions include VH1’s Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, […]

A new study shows adolescents may be less vulnerable to the long-term effects of withdrawal and relapse than those who take drugs as adults. Are kids less vulnerable to long-term effects of drug use than adults? Georgia State University researchers think so. A recent study seems to show that adolescent rats are less vulnerable to […]

More people are suffering with mental issues than previously thought, and those issues, especially when untreated, can contribute to addiction problems. There may be twice as many people struggling with mental health issues than previously thought, according to a new study completed by two Duke University psychologists in partnership with colleagues from the U.K. and […]

Those suffering from post-traumatic stress are two-to-three times more likely to becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs, a new study shows. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be a response to a variety of traumatic events, according to the National Center for PTSD. Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, survivors of natural disasters, auto accidents, acts […]