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In a March 14, 2014 article titled “Overmedicated America,” American Spectator writer Daniel J. Flynn took a look at the frightening statistic from the Mayo Clinic that roughly seven in 10 Americans take a prescription drug, calling it “surely a symptom of a sick society,” and asking, “who will diagnose the diagnosticians?” More than a […]

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Not everyone who becomes dependent on or addicted to prescription painkillers will graduate to illegal drugs, but MSNBC recently reported that while prescription addiction continues at epidemic proportions in the US, the nationwide crackdown on prescription painkillers may be creating another dangerous situation. Individuals who never thought they’d even consider turning to street drugs are […]

If you develop an after-hours toothache and head to the emergency room in search of relief, you may have a hard sell on your hands. What’s the problem? ER docs are being inundated with fake patients complaining of tooth pain in hopes of scoring some prescription narcotics to feed their drug habit. This growing trend […]

New laws and tougher legislation are aimed at changing the Sunshine State’s reputation as the “Oxy Express” and closing down the dangerous pill mills. The days of the Florida pill mills may soon be coming to an end. In the past, thousands flocked to the state’s more than 1,000 pain clinics to obtain prescription drugs […]

The profile of crack babies is lower now that prescription painkiller abuse is giving birth to a new type of addicted baby. The drugs are different, but are the dangers the same? A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that prescription drug overdose deaths in Florida are up a staggering […]

The prescription addiction epidemic has spawned a bunch of new terms – and new addicts – as the problem spirals out of control. Prescription drug addiction in the south has given way to a new term, “pillbillies.” A recent article in The Guardian UK profiled this growing group who travels to Florida regularly to score […]

Teens and college students are already abusing ADHD meds, but when you add alcohol into the mix, the dangers increase. Alcohol and prescription meds don’t mix, but often those who are already misusing ADHD drugs or painkillers, taking them recreationally, find it easy to add alcohol into the equation. The risks are even greater when […]

The current opioid crisis in America is fueled by many sources — people get their drugs from doctors, surgeons, family member’s medicine cabinets, the black market, and they get heroin on the street. But for many people, including teenagers, a first experience with prescription pain killers often comes from a visit to the dentist or […]