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A new line of plush toys highlighting a range of psychiatric disorders is causing controversy. Minority groups are right to seek representation, and usually any attention is good attention when you’re talking about raising awareness for your cause. But when it comes to a new line of plush toys, the psychiatric community isn’t so sure […]

More people are suffering with mental issues than previously thought, and those issues, especially when untreated, can contribute to addiction problems. There may be twice as many people struggling with mental health issues than previously thought, according to a new study completed by two Duke University psychologists in partnership with colleagues from the U.K. and […]

Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) brings the next dual diagnosis conference to The Palms in Las Vegas, Nev., April 22-24, 2009. “Process Addictions: Approaches for Professionals” offers up to 18 hours Continuing Education Certification and the opportunity to network with the industry’s top professionals. Participants at this conference will gain in-depth information about process addictions and […]