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While Hollywood has close ties to the issue of addiction, the art of acting itself isn’t directly connected – until now. The Addiction Performance Project employs the talents of movie and television stars in their innovative continuing medical education (CME) program for doctors and other health providers. The performances are a project of the National […]

Hookahs are back in the news as experts warn that this seemingly civilized way to smoke may lure young users into ignoring the dangers. While cigarette smoking can be somewhat social, at its heart it’s a solitary activity because it usually involves one person smoking one cigarette. But a hookah is usually used in groups, […]

We’ve all heard the expression “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” From the foundations of rock, there have been references to drug use and speculation that lyrics were referring to using drugs. Veiled (or not so veiled) references to drug use appear in songs by everyone from Jefferson Airplane and The Doors to The Rolling […]

We all know meth is dangerous. Adults who are chronic users can even bear telltale signs like discolored skin and rotten or missing teeth. Then there are the locations where meth is manufactured. You hear stories on the news of busts happening in seemingly quiet rural or suburban neighborhoods, or worse, of explosions when the […]

New laws and tougher legislation are aimed at changing the Sunshine State’s reputation as the “Oxy Express” and closing down the dangerous pill mills. The days of the Florida pill mills may soon be coming to an end. In the past, thousands flocked to the state’s more than 1,000 pain clinics to obtain prescription drugs […]

These confusingly-named drugs have finally been labeled a controlled substance and are now illegal in the US. They’ve been causing confusion and concern for months now. Finally, in the wake of a growing number of overdose visits to emergency departments, the US Drug Enforcement Agency is officially making psychoactive bath salts (PABS) a controlled substance. […]

When it comes to addiction, the pros can help determine a customized treatment plan that takes into account your specific needs, giving you the best chance of success. Addiction is a disease, not an illness like the flu or common cold. As a result, you don’t get over it from a few days of bed […]

Dennis Hopper’s recent passing reminds us there can be life after addiction. Dennis Hopper made a name for himself in Hollywood by playing weirdoes, misfits and counterculture characters, including a biker in 1969’s Easy Rider. He also played the role of an alcoholic and drug addict in real life, but he kicked his addictions and […]

Law enforcement is cracking down on the medical professionals who are making prescription abuse a possibility for an ever-increasing number of Americans. It will take much more than some high-profile arrests to stamp out the growing problem of prescription abuse, but the Los Angeles County coroner’s office is making an effort to go after any […]

His family says the troubled child star’s death came at a time when he was seeking help to kick his longtime drug addiction. What went wrong? Former child actor Corey Haim collapsed March 10, 2010, at the Burbank, Calif. apartment he shared with his mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment. Haim was 38 at the […]