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A mother is in jail after a night of drinking and drugs led to her infant daughter’s death. When warning about the dangers of drinking and drugs, we often focus on drinking and driving or the dangers of addiction and potential harm to the health of the person who is indulging. A tragic news story […]

The club drug known as “Special K” is now shown to cause pelvic pain and urinary incontinence as well as the other more well-known dangers. In addition to the well-known dangers of drug use, there are additional side effects that are rarely discovered or talked about. For instance, long-term abuse of the recreational drug ketamine […]

It’s the latest dangerous way kids are getting high, but what is it and how does it work? Kids are always looking for a new cheap way to get high and they’ve found it in the form of “robo tripping.” This teen drug trend gets its name from the over-the-counter cold medication Robitussin, a cough […]

Thought of by some as harmless, marijuana is addictive and harmful to your health, creating a need for rehab options for those who can’t quit. It’s portrayed as harmless in movies and on TV shows while musicians extol its “virtues” and admit to being regular users, despite the fact that marijuana is still an illegal […]

Kelly Osbourne blames her famous rocker dad for her addiction. What role do genetics play in drug and alcohol abuse? The Osbourne family’s drug problems have been well documented. Dad Ozzy battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol for years, but how did his struggles affect children Kelly and Jack? The two were teens when […]

A new study shows adolescents may be less vulnerable to the long-term effects of withdrawal and relapse than those who take drugs as adults. Are kids less vulnerable to long-term effects of drug use than adults? Georgia State University researchers think so. A recent study seems to show that adolescent rats are less vulnerable to […]

Blue eyes or a talent for sports can be genetically transmitted, but a predisposition for depression, drug abuse or alcoholism can also be passed through the genes. Genetics aren’t inherently good or bad. We are a complex mix of those who went before us, including many good and not-so-good traits. You may love that you […]

New study shows that Hepatitis-C virus may be transmitted through the noses of drug users. For someone who snorts their drugs, the main safety concern has been the drugs themselves, but it turns out there’s a new danger. For up to 20 percent of people contracting the Hepatitis-C virus, the method of transmission has been […]

You’re ready to get help and you have our toll-free number by the phone. Before you dial, though, you want to know just what to expect once you make that call. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get along with answers that should put your mind at ease. What should I […]