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While many people think of addiction recovery as a short 30- or 90-day stint in treatment, true recovery extends for years after the final drug dose or drink. Addiction is a mental health disorder that affects the structure of the brain and recovering from it will not happen overnight. Individuals require continuous care and support […]

What make someone in recovery return to old habits and how can relapse be avoided? Addiction is a complex disease, and the riddle of relapse is equally difficult to unravel. Why does someone who seems to be successfully working a recovery program and has all the necessary head knowledge about how to avoid falling into […]

Mindfulness is a major component of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy process. How does it work and why is it essential to DBT? Mindfulness can work in any area of life, enhancing our experiences and helping us to remain in the moment, but it’s particularly powerful in DBT, which relies heavily on the Eastern-based tradition. Mindfulness […]