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On This Page: Abuse and Addiction Signs Effects on Immune System Building Immunity and Fighting Addiction Finding Help Hydrocodone is a narcotic painkiller that contains synthetic opium. It is sold under the names Vicodin, Lorcet and Lortab. Hydrocodone affects dopamine levels in the brain, changing how the central nervous system (CNS) reacts to pain. Although […]

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It’s an ongoing process to monitor the prescription medications that we use, and history shows us that despite the Food and Drug Administration’s oversight, meds do make it to market that are later proven harmful. Over the years, dozens of drugs have been pulled after reports of dangerous side effects or death. The most recent […]

We’ve all heard the warnings, the cautionary tales of people in legitimate pain being prescribed a medication to help, which ultimately ends up becoming a bigger health problem than the one it was meant to treat. The dangers of long-term use of prescription painkillers like Vicodin or Percocet have been covered extensively by the media, […]

Chances are you’ve taken acetaminophen in the past year. After all, it’s a common medication found in a host of popular over-the-counter products, including cold and flu medications. While these seem harmless (they’re available over the counter, after all!), acetaminophen overdose is currently the leading cause of liver failure in the US. The problem isn’t […]

His family says the troubled child star’s death came at a time when he was seeking help to kick his longtime drug addiction. What went wrong? Former child actor Corey Haim collapsed March 10, 2010, at the Burbank, Calif. apartment he shared with his mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment. Haim was 38 at the […]

Are dentists proving to be a new source of prescription meds in a time when the rate of painkiller addiction continues to rise? As prescription addiction has become an increasing problem in the U.S., the focus has been on medical doctors doling out pain meds to those who no longer need the medication for its […]

What do you really know about this popular painkiller that is increasingly being abused? We hear so much about the dangers of misusing prescription drugs, but how much do we really know about the prescription pain relievers at the center of the news stories? Hydrocodone Basics Hydrocodone is in a group of drugs called narcotic […]

You can’t turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper or magazine without finding coverage of golf star Tiger Woods’ recent personal troubles. The Toronto Star reported on Dec. 8, 2010 that reports released earlier in the week say that Woods was admitted to Health Central on Nov. 27th as the possible victim of […]