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You may think your children aren’t listening, but research shows that parents play a critical role in preventing their kids from using drugs. Even armed with those statistics, though, it can be hard to have a conversation with your teen or pre-teen about substance use. Fortunately, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has launched […]

It’s the latest dangerous way kids are getting high, but what is it and how does it work? Kids are always looking for a new cheap way to get high and they’ve found it in the form of “robo tripping.” This teen drug trend gets its name from the over-the-counter cold medication Robitussin, a cough […]

When it comes to teens and drug or alcohol abuse, prevention is possible, but it costs money and now cuts are putting these programs in danger. State and federal funding have been footing the bill for intervention and prevention programs that help kids stop using drugs or never start in the first place, but budget […]

Results from the U.S. government’s Monitoring the Future study was released this week and focuses on trends in teen drug use. A new national study of teenagers’ substance abuse and their attitudes toward drugs and drug use highlights some troubling trends that raise serious concerns, according to Gil Kerlikowske, Director of National Drug Control Policy. […]

A new study shows adolescents may be less vulnerable to the long-term effects of withdrawal and relapse than those who take drugs as adults. Are kids less vulnerable to long-term effects of drug use than adults? Georgia State University researchers think so. A recent study seems to show that adolescent rats are less vulnerable to […]

Americans 18-25 are at high risk for drug and alcohol use and many need treatment, so why aren’t they getting help? It’s no surprise that teens and young adults are at particular risk for alcohol and drug use. As a result, they are warned about these vices from an early age with parents, teachers and […]