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We’ve all heard the warnings, the cautionary tales of people in legitimate pain being prescribed a medication to help, which ultimately ends up becoming a bigger health problem than the one it was meant to treat. The dangers of long-term use of prescription painkillers like Vicodin or Percocet have been covered extensively by the media, […]

As the abuse of legal medications leads to growing addiction rates, law enforcement is continuing with their crackdown on doctors who supply patients with painkillers illegally. The most recent instance has a Pittsburgh-area doctor at its center. In September 2012, Oliver Herndon, 40, was sentenced to more than 11 years in federal prison. The doctor […]

The current opioid crisis in America is fueled by many sources — people get their drugs from doctors, surgeons, family member’s medicine cabinets, the black market, and they get heroin on the street. But for many people, including teenagers, a first experience with prescription pain killers often comes from a visit to the dentist or […]

The annual National Drug Threat Assessment report is out, and Mexico, club drugs and prescription abuse all top the list of concerns. The recently released National Drug Threat Assessment 2010 report is out and it’s pointing the finger at the expanding Mexican drug cartels, growing prescription abuse and Asian ecstasy coming in by way of […]

Law enforcement is cracking down on the medical professionals who are making prescription abuse a possibility for an ever-increasing number of Americans. It will take much more than some high-profile arrests to stamp out the growing problem of prescription abuse, but the Los Angeles County coroner’s office is making an effort to go after any […]

His family says the troubled child star’s death came at a time when he was seeking help to kick his longtime drug addiction. What went wrong? Former child actor Corey Haim collapsed March 10, 2010, at the Burbank, Calif. apartment he shared with his mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment. Haim was 38 at the […]

Are dentists proving to be a new source of prescription meds in a time when the rate of painkiller addiction continues to rise? As prescription addiction has become an increasing problem in the U.S., the focus has been on medical doctors doling out pain meds to those who no longer need the medication for its […]

Why do some drugs carry the danger of addiction while others can be taken for long periods without withdrawal symptoms? With all the talk in the news of prescription addiction being on the rise, it can be scary for anyone who takes regular medication, even when it’s prescribed by a doctor and taken as directed. […]