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Noah benShea, noted philosopher offers inspirational ideas for moving through difficulties. 1. Being broke is not the same as being broken, losing money is not the same as being lost, and finding your balance is not something you can do on a balance sheet. 2. Don’t confuse having less with being less, having more with […]

Noted philosopher Noah benShea shares a personal story about how caring for others impacts the burdens we carry. Doctors say there is enough salt in one pickle to give us all the sodium we need for a year. I’d like more years, and so I consume fewer pickles. But this is a story I still […]

Character isn’t how we live the life we intend but how we live the life destiny intends. We’re all hurting. If that’s tough news, tough. It’s also reality, which can be a great form of therapy. So, however you think you got to this place in your life or whoever you think got you here, […]

Physicists can call it the Big Bang theory, but a long time ago God rubbed two sticks together, got a spark and made the world. That first spark still burns in each of us. This Divine spark is our secret force. It is our cosmic nightlight against the darkness and the cold. It is our […]