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Following the reported suicide death of actor and comedian Robin Williams, the topics of depression, mental illness and the possible link between these issues and creativity were once again catapulted to the forefront of our cultural communication. The Web and social media sites were abuzz with speculation and opinions. While frank, honest discussion is always […]

Is there a link between marijuana use and mental illness? Parents, teachers and other authority figures are quick to warn teens of the dangers of marijuana use, but of all the side effects cited, mental illness rarely gets a mention. Should it? Research conducted in the past decade has looked at just that, focusing on […]

In the wake of a pro athlete’s recent suicide, Sports Illustrated looks at the issue of mental illness and the stigma that it still carries for many athletes. The stigma of depression is isolating, which can be dangerous, especially since individuals suffering from depression are prone to abusing alcohol or drugs to cope with their […]

A new line of plush toys highlighting a range of psychiatric disorders is causing controversy. Minority groups are right to seek representation, and usually any attention is good attention when you’re talking about raising awareness for your cause. But when it comes to a new line of plush toys, the psychiatric community isn’t so sure […]