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Is there a link between marijuana use and mental illness? Parents, teachers and other authority figures are quick to warn teens of the dangers of marijuana use, but of all the side effects cited, mental illness rarely gets a mention. Should it? Research conducted in the past decade has looked at just that, focusing on […]

The idea that marijuana serves as a “gateway drug,” leading to the use and eventual abuse of harder substances, has been around for decades. Now a new study shows that marijuana use leads to a higher likelihood of tobacco use. It is still more common for drug abuse to progress from tobacco to pot, but […]

Serious drug problems with substances like heroin, cocaine and powerful prescription painkillers can often push marijuana to the back burner. Lobbying to make pot legal has also helped perpetuate the attitude that it’s not really harmful or as dangerous as those other “hard” drugs. If that’s how you feel, a new study may just change […]

As we celebrate our country’s top leaders both past and present it’s worth taking a look at what they’ve done to help further the cause of substance abuse treatment. In the month we celebrate our presidents past and present in the United States, it seems only appropriate for those of us in the recovery community […]

Puffing on pot can make you nearly three times more likely to develop the incurable lung disorder COPD. Marijuana isn’t just hazardous to your health just because it causes distorted perception, memory issues, loss of coordination, increased heart rate and affects brain function. Regularly lighting up can also lead to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). […]

Thought of by some as harmless, marijuana is addictive and harmful to your health, creating a need for rehab options for those who can’t quit. It’s portrayed as harmless in movies and on TV shows while musicians extol its “virtues” and admit to being regular users, despite the fact that marijuana is still an illegal […]