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Drug Dealers in Rio Quit Selling Crack

All too often, the drug war seems like a losing battle. And even when we’re able to bring down dealers or traffickers on US soil, the problem persists around the globe, frequently in impoverished areas where the lure of fast cash is impossible to turn down. In the slums of Rio, in a metropolitan area […]

What’s a drug used to de-worm pets doing in much of our nation’s cocaine supply? The experts don’t know, but they are aware of its potentially deadly consequences. A drug approved to treat cancer and used to de-worm animals is being added to the nation’s cocaine supply, and public health officials are puzzled as to […]

A new study suggests cocaine may not just provide a high but alter the way your brain operates. “Though we think about our genes mostly in terms of the traits we pass on to our children, they are actually very active in our lives every day, regulating how various cells in our bodies behave,” Time […]

For some substance abusers there’s a connection between their drug use and aggression or anger. Addiction experts have long recognized the link between certain substances and aggressive behavior. One recent study showed that a staggering 83 percent of homicide offenders were drinking at the time of the offense. That number was 60 percent for sexual […]

The numbers don’t lie. SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association) recently released results for their study of clients discharged from substance abuse treatment facilities. States are asked to submit data for all discharges from substance abuse treatment, and data comes from facilities that are licensed or certified by the State substance abuse agency […]