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Diagnosing Shopping Addiction

In a culture like ours, materialism is simply part of the landscape. Stores always seem to have some new sale to advertise, regardless of time or season. There are plenty of people who can handle the lure of a sale, content to buy a few planned items or one sought-after bargain. Others, though, have a […]

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual with a substance abuse problem. Loved ones are impacted, too. It’s especially hard when there are children who are affected by a parent’s drug use. Almost as difficult is finding a way to talk to your children about your addiction. Children in Substance Abuse Homes Blame Themselves

Kelly Osbourne blames her famous rocker dad for her addiction. What role do genetics play in drug and alcohol abuse? The Osbourne family’s drug problems have been well documented. Dad Ozzy battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol for years, but how did his struggles affect children Kelly and Jack? The two were teens when […]

Why are reality shows about substance abuse or process addictions so popular? Is it voyeurism, education or a little of both? Are TV viewers becoming addicted to shows about addiction? If you look at the growing range of programs on the schedule, you’d think so. The latest additions include VH1’s Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew, […]