Substance Abuse Related Posts

Addiction doesn’t occur in a bubble. It affects those around you, most notably family and loved ones. While a substance abuse problem manifests itself in an individual, if the solution involves the family too, the benefits can include longer lasting sobriety. Here’s how family can play a role in treatment: Become informed While a loved […]

The numbers don’t lie. SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association) recently released results for their study of clients discharged from substance abuse treatment facilities. States are asked to submit data for all discharges from substance abuse treatment, and data comes from facilities that are licensed or certified by the State substance abuse agency […]

For medical professionals battling substance abuse, going back to work can make them the proverbial kid in the candy store. It’s the equivalent to sending a recovering alcohol back to their job as a bartender. This factor is believed to play a role in the increased relapse rates among healthcare professionals. After all, they’re surrounded by the very substances that were the problem in the first place.