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We know tobacco is bad for you, but when individuals are tackling addiction to heroin, cocaine, meth or prescription painkillers, are you really going to deny them a few cigarettes? In a recent Scientific American podcast Christopher Intagliata addressed the topic of instituting bans on tobacco at rehab centers. At first glance it seems obvious. […]

Fourth- and fifth-grade students in one US school were caught smoking and inhaling candy. The children’s fake drugs of choice were Fun Dip, a flavored sugar powder, and Smarties, which can be crushed into a similar powdery consistency. The principal responded by sending a letter home to parents, warning that while the candy may not […]

Hookahs are back in the news as experts warn that this seemingly civilized way to smoke may lure young users into ignoring the dangers. While cigarette smoking can be somewhat social, at its heart it’s a solitary activity because it usually involves one person smoking one cigarette. But a hookah is usually used in groups, […]

A new study suggests marijuana smoke isn’t as dangerous as tobacco smoke, making experts worry young people will think lighting up is safe. “Legalize marijuana” groups will likely see new research that suggests marijuana smoke does not damage lungs in the same way tobacco smoke does as a victory for their cause. The problem is, […]

This popular way to smoke is perceived as safer than cigarettes, but new research shows it carries dangers of its own. The Partnership at wants you to know that the hookah you think is so cool can have dangerous side effects. While the health effects of hookahs, or water pipes, haven’t been studied as […]

The new trend of hookahs has captured the attention of young adults with time and money on their hands, but is it dangerous and can it lead to illegal drug use? When keeping kids away from nicotine, the focus of the teens-and-smoking groups has always been on curbing cigarette smoking. But now there’s a new […]